Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Delicious Nyonya Food

The Malacca trip I went on just last week was a fulfilling one, both to the stomach and desire for some relaxation. Had a feast on authentic Nyonya dishes at Restoran Nyonya Suan at Melaka Raya.

Rice was served in this little metallic pot. Being the youngest in the family, the job of dishing out the rice naturally fell on me. But of 'cos I didn't mind as it was pretty interesting to be digging the rice out from the pot.

First dish that came:
I can't really remember the name but it was sotong with a little tinge of spiciness. Yummy!

This picture doesn't do the fish justice at all. It looked as delicious as it tasted! The layer of spice over the crispy skin was really heavenly. I usually detest eating fish skin, but this was an exception.

Kangkong. Nothing really special about this. It was rather 'old' and not that crunchy.

You may ask what's so special about omelette? This one was really soft!

Prawn lemak or lemak prawn I forgot the exact name. Prawn with slices of pineapple in curry gravy. I love prawns, I love curry. So need I say more about this dish?

Lastly, dessert time!

Cendol Kacang Merah
How do you eat chendol? I wonder why many just crush all the ice, mix it with the rest of the ingredients into a watery mess to drink.

I always eat my chendol carefully, getting some ice, picking up some jelly and beans to go along with. Like that then feel cold and shiok enough, isn't it?

So anyway, I really enjoyed the food there. Would definitely eat there again if I were to go Malacca again.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

helloooooooo, I'm back!

Still haven't gotten down to blog about LASIK 'cos I went for a short trip to Malacca from 21 to 23!

And I was down with gastric on Christmas eve. Vomited and went to see the doctor. Ate medicine which made me so drowsy that I slept for the whole evening, had dinner and slept all the way till X'mas morning. It really sucks being sick.

So anyway, just here to wish everyone a


In times of trouble and pain, who is there for you?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lucky Draws, how lucky are you?

Ok, really can't stand the boredom, so I've decided to strain my eyes a little and blog..

This is a long overdue post, around 3 weeks back..

Went to a carnival then..
There was free popcorn, candy floss, ice cream and of course a buffet lunch.

Speaking of free buffets, I really don't understand how some people can be so thick-skinned to pile up their plates with truckloads of food, when they see so many more people queuing up behind them. It's always because of such people that there isn't enough food to cater for all.

So, anyway, one of the main highlights of the carnival was the lucky draw! (though guests weren't given the chance to participate *#(&@#!)

There were more than 50 prizes to be won that day, and someone won..........
5th prize! yay!

What's inside?

Harvey Norman vouchers worth $350! yay again!

I've never ever won a single lucky draw in my life. Have you?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Bye Spectables

I'm done with my LASIK surgery!

But I need rest and more rest before I start blogging about the whole experience. It really made my heart pound and pump vigorously throughout the surgery. And I couldn't stop twisting and clinging super tightly onto both hands.

Alright, can't strain my eyes too long. I'll be back!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where are my holidays?

Been pretty busy this week, went to school for 5 out of 6 days so far. Going school tomorrow again. Yea, it's a Sunday tmr, but well, no choice.

So anyway, Thursday was free Starbucks day! Not really free, had to donate any amount you wished in exchange for a drink.. The queue was long but moved very quickly.

Didn't know the drink costs $6.30 so I donated quite little.. oops..

Went to Orchard to take a look at the Christmas lightings.. Hmm, rather boring.. The lightings just kept alternating along the street..

Ended the day with aching feet and a teddy bear christmas tree!

Do you feel that this year's Christmas is less "christmas-y"?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When eyes can't see inner beauty

I am seriously damn pissed right now. Continue reading if you want to see me rant.

How would you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend KEEPS ON criticizing that you have crooked teeth? Come on, NOT a single one of my friends have ever commented about my teeth except you. ONLY you.

Have I ever criticized your flaws, picked on your shortcomings? How would my "crooked" teeth affect you? Is it that irritating to you?

Just because you have put on braces before doesn't give you the right to criticize me.

And not only do you pour cold water on my upcoming LASIK surgery, you do not ever bother to ask when it is or wish me well. Thanks for being so caring and understanding.

NO ONE IS PERFECT. Do not do onto others what you would not have them do onto you!

'Nuff said.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Amazing Race

Watched all 9 episodes of the latest season of the Amazing Race over the weekend.. Haven't been catching them due to the busy semester.. Used to tune in to every single episode for the past few seasons.. Love the excitement of the show, love seeing how the teams conquer the physically challenging tasks and of cos how they get to see the world..

Season Finale coming in a weeks' time.. Rooting for brother/sister team Nick and Starr! Starr's so pretty..



Received bad news from a friend over a breakup. Feeling sad over it though I'm not even involved.. 5 1/2 years of relationship just gone like that.. Love is so vulnerable, isn't it?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Favourite snacks

I'm back!! Been a grueling exam period and I'm glad I've survived it. Some papers were really TOUGH. and by tough I mean reallyyyy tough. Some questions just make you stare blankly at them and freeze your hand from writing anything. Oh well, keeping my expectations moderate.

Gonna replenish all the sleep I've lost. I can't imagine how I've tolerated less than 6 hours of sleep a day. Always go to bed at like 2am and force myself awake at 8am (even earlier at 6am when I've a morning paper)

So anyway!! what helped me burn midnight oil were snacks and more snacks! I've yet to really find one that I really like.

Tao Kae Noi

I guess all of you know this seaweed snack. I like hot & spicy flavour! Many other flavours which I haven't tried, especially wasabi which I neverrrr will. haha.

Pringles Wild Spice

The very first time I tried this, I choked when I breathed in the spices! But still yummy overall.

Fish Crackers

Ok, this is a very simple and cheap pack of snack but I don't know why I like it!

There're many others I enjoy eating too.. Like Roller Coasters, Lays, hmmm, and that snack which makes your fingers turn orange (can't remember the name!! haven't eaten it for a long time and I have the urge to eat it nowww)

What's your favourite snack?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Short post

Busy tackling my exams now.. that's why I've neglected this blog =( but it's gonna be over real soon!

Anyway I received these jokes in my mail.. thought I'll share them with you..

Fishy business
A lawyer and an engineer were fishing in the Caribbean.

The lawyer said, "I'm here because my house burned down, and everything I owned was destroyed by the fire. The insurance company paid for everything."

"That's quite a coincidence," said the engineer. "I'm here because my house and all my belongings were destroyed by a flood, and my insurance company also paid for everything."

The lawyer looked somewhat confused. "How do you start a flood?" he asked.

Of good and bad news
An artist asked the gallery owner if there had been any interest in his paintings on display at that time.

"I have good news and bad news," the owner replied. "The good news is that a gentleman enquired about your work and wondered if it would appreciate in value after your death.

"When I told him it would, he bought all 15 of your paintings."

"Thats wonderful," the artist exclaimed. "What's the bad news?"

"The guy was your doctor."

Alright, sorry for the super short post! Will be back soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The fear of growing tall

Haven't blogged a proper post for egos already.

So anyway, thought I'll blog on height today. Was day-dreaming on the MRT one day and started recalling the past.

Right from the start of my schooling days, I felt awkward and different from the rest. I always knew where I had to stand in the class queue - the last one! That was in primary school. Things changed a little in secondary school where there was the 1-in-a-million guy who was taller than me in class.

Thinking back, I actually shouldn't have been afraid of growing tall. But I guess it was the nurses who came to do the yearly checkups in school that instilled this apprehension of growing tall in me.

Remember this dark blue booklet which we had to bring to school every year?

Anyway, here's a breakdown of my height recorded yearly:

Primary 1: 130cm
Primary 2: 140cm
Primary 3: 146.5cm
Primary 4: 155.0cm
Primary 5: 159.5cm
Primary 6: 165.5cm
Sec 1: 169.5cm
Sec 2: 170cm
Sec 3: 170.5cm

I don' t know why there isn't a height recorded for Sec 4, but my height sort of stabilized by then and now I'm just a few cm taller than the last recorded one. I find my growth spurts rather amazing, up to 10cm a year.

So back to the visits by the nurses. Every year without fail, they would write under the column titled "Description of Disorders": "tall stature, refer to IOH" Is being tall a disorder?!

Lot of trips were made to the then IOH. But everything done there was the usual routine and a total waste of time: Check eyesight, measure height & weight etc. Sometimes I even had to do an X-ray which cost a hefty sum. (#&@#($

I forgot which year was it, but my mum and I agreed we had enough of this nonsense and decided to ignore the reference to IOH and just refused to go for any more checkups.

I am well and healthy now and I don't understand the fuss made over my height back then. All it brought was a waste of time and consultation fees making trips down to IOH, and unwanted fear and self-consciousness.

Does your height bring problems to you too?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Holding on

Sorry for the loooooong drought of posts. Been really busy! Finally it's the weekends again! and for once I don't have to go back to school. Will try to blog more tomorrow.

On a sidenote, my goal seems to be slipping away from me. Still working hard towards it. Trying not to lose hope and fall into despair.

The many coincidental occurrence of the past makes me feel that losing my goal will be a double loss.

I've never wanted something so badly. I will get my goal.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New room colour!

Took this photo some time ago. Was making my way home when I saw this cat sitting on top of a car. Super cuteeee. It stared at me as I walked past.

The photos are pretty dark cos I didn't dare go too near in case the flash startled it.
Anyway, the main point of this post is to update on the painting works going on in my room!

Dull blue fading off after 8 years

Had a hard time moving the furniture to make space.

And cos of the painting, I was evicted from my room! hahah.. this is my temporary room. super messy with books and papers all over the floor. BUT, I get to sleep on a queen sized bed instead of my small single!

Guess what's my new room colour?

P.S. sorry for the lousy photo quality! don't have my camera with me now.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Horrors of General Paper!

Amidst the spring cleaning going on in my room, I chanced upon this short essay I wrote during Junior College days. I cringed when I read it. It was a piece we had to churn out during the 2 hour long lesson on Monday evening. (haha, I remember it so clearly cos GP lessons were always the terrors of the week!)

The standard of the essay is really low, seems like lower secondary level. Somemore it's like only 3/4 of the page, confirm get very low marks for content.

Here goes:

Title: People who don't have dreams don't have much

This statement caught my attention as I personally feel that having dreams does help a person succeed in life.

Some may be skeptical about dreams. They may regard having dreams as being unrealistic and impractical. However, on the contrary, I feel that dreams can help lead a person towards a bright future. One who does not aspire or desire is aimless in life. He does not have anything to look forward to and lives by the day.

Those who have dreams and ambitions are those who tend to be optimistic. I feel that having a dream about something you wish to have is indeed half the battle won already. Unless a person is enthusiastic and looks forward to achieving something, he will never be able to reach his expectations. Having dreams gives one a positive outlook of life.

However, we do know that action speaks louder than words. Merely having dreams is not enough. A person must put in effort into achieving what he dreams of. The other half of the battle is overcomed by the person's own determination and perseverance. (My tutor wrote a "good" to this, lol)

In conclusion, for the year 200X, my dream is to live the fullest of my life and also to do well in the upcoming A level examintations.

Hope your dreams come true!

haha, my tutor was so nice to leave a little note at the end of the essay, despite me giving such a low standard essay.

I was never good in General Paper, managing only C5s and C6s throughout the entire college life. I never liked to write argumentative essays where you had to have strong substantiation through real-life examples and experiences. Comprehension was worse, sometimes you can finish reading an entire passage without knowing the intentions the writer wanted to express.

But well, my final grade for GP was pretty satisfying. =) I guess my simplistic way of writing related well with the marker.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walking towards a goal

Haven't blogged for more than a week!

But there isn't anything interesting enough to be mentioned. I promise the next entry will be better!

Studying & more studying. Oh, I went back to school on Saturday and even Sunday. The school felt so deserted and forlorn.

And and, I must talk about this....

On 17 Sept, I finally found a goal in my life!! I was rather pumped up with adrenaline and lay awake even after midnight. But it's gonna be a long, treacherous journey.

I believe I can and will reach there eventually. =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A walk down Memory Lane

Ended school quite early today. Headed off to collect my chemical sample right after lunch. (It has finally flown here from US after a month's long wait!)

I was pretty excited last night when I saw the address emailed to me. The place was located just opposite where I used to stay during my childhood days.

Took a stroll from the MRT station, passed by my kindergarten as well as primary school.

The fence surrounding where I lived. Can you tell what place is this? =)

The shops I go to by crossing the road everyday after school to buy packets of Mamee etc. Nothing has changed!

It just felt nice and comfortable walking down the path I used to set footprints on every single day.

I was perspiring like mad when I reached the place. Had to circle two rounds before I found the company. It didn't even have a signboard!


Pretty disappointed with the lab samples I've made so far. Followed every single procedure to synthesize them but the end-product is totally different =( I wonder what's wrong, my postgraduate was even around with me all the time while I made them, so can't be errors in chemical addition or whatsoever.

Sigh. I guess that's just all part and parcel of research work. Devoting all my time to lab next week after the tests.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Studying was very productive today. I think I covered like over 200 slides. Gotta slog through another few hundreds tomorrow.

Oh by the way, my phone died on me. =( I lost all my contacts. argh!!

Not that I didn't want to save them in my SIM card. But apparently when I bought a new phone last year, the guy at Nokia offered to synchronize my contacts since I was changing my 2G SIM card to a 3G one. That's why all my contacts are stored in the phone. But also my own fault for assuming nothing will happen to the phone. =(

Why die on me?!? Kept trying to turn it on but all that appears is a blank screen with the battery bar after the Nokia start-up screen.


I feel that I'm missing out a lot on life. Will be missing the annual event next saturday =( I still remember we had tons of fun last year.



我坐在公路的出口 等待天黑以后无边的寂寞

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A bit of time to blog before I sleep

Been quite hectic the past few days. Shuffling between the lab and lectures, amidst all the program simulations, presentations and assignments to handle.

It feels good to be busy. But sometimes it's just too overwhelming to see your to-do list getting longer and longer.

I may have to go back on Saturdays and even Sundays to do my lab work =(

Sigh. I've to stop filling my blog with school-related posts cause it makes it so boring.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Losing steam

I wish I had 72 hours a day.

Assignments keep coming in non-stop!!

Feeling the drag to go school.

Will blog proper tomorrow, hopefully I'll have time to.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wall-E Movie Screening!

Yup, I went for Nuffnang's Wall-E movie screening at Lido Hall 2 yesterday. First time attending such community events. Saw Boss Ming and spotted a few other bloggers whose blogs I read. But I very low profile so no one knows me. hehe.

There was free popcorn and mineral water on every seat.

So the movie's not too bad, not just focused on the cuteness of Wall-E but also on other deeper issues like our ailing Earth etc. Just that the starting was rather sloooow.

Thank you Nuffnang! =D

Went to satisfy my mahjong craving after that. Won quite a few games =)

We were so bored that we did this

Alright, I need to get some studying done. Cya!

Monday, August 18, 2008


People and things change.

Things go unappreciated till they are lost and never to be retrieved.

I don't know where I'm heading to anymore.

Without respect and effort nothing can go on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I want to watch Wall-E!

Picture taken from www.whoiswalle.com.sg

I've been waiting soooo long for this movie to actually show in theatres. I want to watch it because Wall-E is just so cute, so innocent and brings smiles to me by just watching the trailer!

Pixar animations like Ratatouille and Finding Nemo have all been great, haven't they?

Wall-E, In cinemas August 28!

So I'm sure Wall-E will be great too!

F(ol)lowing Video?

I was watching the SCV all-day Chinese news channel a few days back.

And as the Olympic fever is burning on, I was of course excited to watch any news related to it. But after the news broadcaster described vividly all the sweat and action and proceeded to show some footage of the events, this came up on the screen instead!

I was of course irritated!! What copyright issues?! Pay for SCV to watch this?

Then I realized and spotted the glaring mistake on the screen. FLOWING video?

It took more than 2 days before the mistake was spotted and changed.
Such a simple mistake overlooked.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why eating Botak Jones is sinful

Have eaten Botak Jones for a few times so far. And each visit there ends up with a similar scenario. I'm sure many of you experience it too.

But it doesn't come clear enough till you have many people eating Botak Jones together. See photo below...

Fries left over on every single plate! Even the guys couldn't finish the regular servings.

& think I caught a glimpse of the menu having some fries dish costing $10.50! Add all the fries we wasted that day and I'm sure they add up to 1 entire plate.

It's sinful to eat Botak Jones cos of too much food wastage! Their servings are really overwhelming in my opinion and I guess it's only okay to eat it when you're reallyyy hungry.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am afraid of the dark, are you?

Something really bad happened to me yesterday morning. I LOST MY SIGHT FOR 3-4 minutes.

Total darkness. Not even a faint glimpse of light. It was the scariest moment of my life. Something so precious taken away.

I got out of bed with a throbbing headache. Sat by the side of the bed to compose myself.

Headed to the toilet for a leak and I felt like throwing up. I did try to throw up but nothing came out. I then went to the bathroom for a shower.

Closed my eyes and washed my face. When I opened them, I couldn't see anything! I shook my head as I shut and squeezed my eyes. Nothing.

By then, I was feeling faint as well. I didn't know WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING TO ME!

I fumbled and grabbed hold of the towel to balance myself. I wanted to get out of the toilet to go rest on my bed.

I was disorientated as my hands reached out to feel only the shampoo and soap bottles. I knew the door was just beside but something so simple like unlocking a door seemed so hard when you're in a frenzy.

Breathing was getting difficult too. I wanted to just pass out in the toilet to end my agony.

Then, by luck, my fingers finally got hold of the lock. I slid the door open, said a little prayer as I exited the bathroom.

I fell once I came out, onto the stairs. I grabbed hold of the railings which saved me from tumbling down.

I was tired and losing hope. What if I never get to see again?

I sat down, placed my hands on each temple, praying to let me get back my vision. I was trying to keep back negative thoughts of losing the normal life I've been living.

I focused. Slowly but surely, I began to see fuzzy dots appear. My heart skipped a beat.

Please save me

I could finally clearly see the good old stairway I walk up and down everyday!!

I was in another state of shock, but really thankful and kept repeating my thanks.

I am really afraid of the dark. I don't want to go there anymore.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm still awake at this ungodly hour!!

I can't get to sleep. My eyes don't feel a wee bit heavy. My mind is wide awake.

I wanted to sleep at around midnight, but dragged a while till 1+ am and finally went to bed. I really hate tossing and turning in bed; hypnotizing myself to quickly drift off to sleep!

I guess it's the terrible heat that is keeping me awake. And probably because I woke up at 11am the day before. Even had a nap from 630pm to 730pm.

Argh. I'm going to get the air-con to do some work.

*Sleep, go to sleep*

Saturday, August 2, 2008

HK Cafes

Went to Sunset way one day last week. It has evolved into a somewhat 'hip' place with pubs, steamboat restaurants, steakhouse etc.

Settled for this Hong Kong cafe - Cafe D'Orient.

The first table we were brought to sit at was full of ANTS. I felt itchy all over and so we changed seats. Should have seen the 'commotion' among the staff there. 3 of them went over to the ants-infested table to examine and scrutinize the table. Another 3 peeked out from the kitchen area =_=

Set below + dessert costs $9.90

Beef fried with onions. Amount of onions comparable to beef.

I had mango pudding as dessert. It was rather normal, with the pieces of mango seemingly to be those mango jelly.

I guess the best mango pudding I've had so far would be that from Mayim!
The huge chunks of mango found within are truly FRESH mango. Yum yum.

Had dinner at another HK cafe last week too. Xin Wang HK Cafe.

And I liked the baked spagetti with fish I ordered! haha. cos I loveeee cheese. Plus the pieces of fish were soft and delicious too.

I guess I'll just end off here abruptly. Cya!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Why hold on when treated like trash?

I have a friend who is recently feeling rather down due to friendship issues.

Here's the scenario:
  • Friend goes on exchange and gets to know roommate
  • Friend and roommate's friendship blossoms
  • End of exchange and back to Singapore, friend feels that roommate is ignoring her and attitude towards her changes 180 degrees
Friend has been brooding over this issue for slightly more than a month already. Everyone around her, including me, advises her to let it go. I mean, since someone doesn't reciprocate your kindness and effort in maintaining a friendship, why torture yourself and hang on to it?

Friend says MSN conversations with roommate are ignored, or at best, nonchalant one-liners and ignored again thereafter. Smses are one-wayed as well.

At the start when friend began to feel ignored, she did questioned roommate if something was wrong between them. Roommate denied and dismissed it.

I really cannot understand why friend is holding on. I sense depressive feelings every time I see her. It is affecting her too much that even daily life is disrupted.

Just 2 days ago, I wanted Subway for dinner. You know what was her reply? "I don't like Subway. My roommate promised to bring me to Subway when we return to Singapore"

Attempts to encourage her to let go seem to enter one ear and exit from the other. What else can I do? Sigh

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yea, it's my birthday today! =)

So we'll start with the 3 wishes:
  1. Wish that I'll stay happy always
  2. Wish that all my friends and family will always be happy too!
  3. Secret! (cos the third wish is usually a secret right?)

Off to celebrate! Update again!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life & Death

As I read through my daily dosage of blogs last night, I froze the moment I opened one blog which I have been reading for years.

The blogger's best friend had just passed away that very day. Someone whom I do not even know but my heart felt totally wrenched. She was just 19, but her life had already come to a full-stop.

Lot of thoughts ran through my mind as I lay to sleep after that. Thought of my closest friends and family, and the worst-case scenario of losing them. *TOUCH WOOD* But it was just these thoughts that were enough to send tears rolling down.

I guess sometimes you just have to think of such things to remind you to cherish everything you have.

Life is just so unpredictable, cherish it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recent indulges

Have been binging on these:

huge pincher! (that's a toothpick btw, to show how big it is)

digestive biscuits coated in chocolate!

Chupa Chups!

Feel unhealthy. But eating is such a joy, isn't it?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Samsung OMNIA

Samsung OMNIA - Your desired convenience at hand

When the boyfriend was browsing the net to research on mobile phones to replace his spoilt one 3 weeks back, I chipped in to help and fell in love with the Samsung OMNIA at first sight!

Ultra-slim at only 12.5mm, the sleekness and smartness it exudes deeply attracted me.

5 Megapixel camera with face detection and smile shot
I like taking pictures of interesting things everywhere I go. But I tend to always forget to recharge my digital camera's battery before going out. But no fear! With the OMNIA, I can take clear photos anywhere, anytime I like.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Moving on to my final year in University, this feature will certainly help me a lot! Be it Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint, it has it all. I can draft out my reports on the go and also make any last minute changes I may need to my presentations! The large 3.2" LCD screen will not strain my eyes too.

Oh, and did I mention that it comes in 8GB/16GB internal memory? Who doesn't love massive storage space?

Samsung OMNIA, what more can you wish for from a phone?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mission Failed!

The search for the dress ended in disappointment today. =( Wisma's outlet didn't have stock of it anymore. So walked all the way to Plaza Singapura. (!!!) No stock of it as well. Almost wanted to go to Bugis but the salesgirl said it wasn't available there as well. Sigh.

Then I don't know why we proceeded to Marina Square. The dress was still there. But the defacts on it seemed worse than yesterday; the holes were even bigger. Why should I spend $109 and get something which is not of mint condition right?

Had dinner at Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao

My Hot&Spicy Ramen

Punch of spiciness was adequately satisfying. The soup mix of mushrooms and bamboos was delicious as well.

But 1 thing I didn't like was the overwhelming amount of parsley given. I guess I can never accept the smell and taste of it.

On the way home, filled in some lucky draw form by HSBC. Got to press the lucky wheel button and got this:
A little pen with 4 different colours of ink

Haha! so that was all I got from an entire day of "shopping"