Monday, June 30, 2008

Can't live without...... Dettol

What's the first thing you would do once you reach home after a long day outside?

I realize there's this growing habit in me to head straight for the washroom and get my hands on that bar of Dettol. Even in the mornings, after flipping through the papers, it has become a routine to thoroughly wash my hands with Dettol.

Whenever I take public transport, especially SMRT buses, I have this nagging thought in my mind running wild. You know the material SMRT bus seats are made of right? I have seen a handful of playful kids hitting on these seats and a dusty mist is emitted as a result. So can you image how much dirt is trapped in those seats? I would think of how much germs are getting onto me whenever I sit. Was the previous person who sat someone who had just finished a sweaty game of sports? Or could it be a toddler who stood on the seat with his shoes on?

Oh well, even though I have these wild thoughts, I always hope to be able to get a seat every time I take the bus to rest my legs. No wonder I can't live without Dettol. haha.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Turn that Frown into a Smile

Someone bumps into you and in return you give him a hissing snarl "TSK!" or someone in the crowded MRT accidentally steps on your toes and you give him a stare so strong that your eyes may burn a hole right through him.

Just a few days ago, I was alighting from a bus at the interchange when this little incident made me realize how much more gracious I could be. The exit door of the bus allows 2 people to alight at the same time as you know. I got down from the left side and turned right to board another bus. An auntie, around 50 I suppose, got down at the same time from the right but just stood rooted to the ground. So of course I collided into her.

Immediately, my face was contorting into a frown, irritated at being obstructed. The auntie turned around and looked up to me with a smile. That smile made the frown on my face instantly disappear.

I walked away, rather amazed at her graciousness.

Turn that frown into a smile. =)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Unhealthy lifestyle

Last night, or rather just this morning (past midnight), I was feeling hungry so I grabbed a pack of chips to munch on. Finished the entire pack. Then, feeling thirsty, I popped a can of ice-cold Sprite and gulped everything. Went to sleep around 1 hour later.

Woke at 11am just now. Saw breakfast on the table but had this huge sense of rejection for it. My sleeping habits and eating habits are really messed up. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day I heard.

Oh well, what's a better choice for supper instead? Or maybe I should force myself to get to sleep before midnight so I won't have to urge to binge on unhealthy food.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ramen = Maggi Mee?

How many of you have experienced this? When ordering a bowl of Ramen, the noodles you get end up being Maggi Mee.

Had dinner at a place (can't remember the name) beside Kenny Rogers' at Suntec yesterday.

See? Maggi Mee. And the bowl really looks like something you whip up at home to satisfy that midnight hunger pangs. The soup had a tinge of spicyness, not too overwhelming for my liking.

The chicken was nice. Crispy and not too oily.

So is Ramen supposed to be Maggi Mee? Maybe just at selective places. The ones at Crystal Jade or Din Tai Fung are noodles definitely "pulled" by the chefs (if you get what I mean, haha) Probably the noodles you get is correlated to the amount you pay.

Put that PSP away and pick up a book!

This article in today's Mypaper certainly takes a bulleye's shot at what I am guilty of.

Though I don't own a PSP or Nintendo DS, I never fail to get my hands on one when I meet up with friends. Just take the recent journey to KL for example, I spent most of the 6 hour journey punching on the keys of the PSP. I could have spent the time to finish up a book, isn't it?

The trend many of you may notice is that many commuters whip out these gaming consoles to kill time during their journeys to work, home or just anywhere.

The writer asks if any still remembers the first book you read. I certainly have no memory of the title, but it seems to be some book I read during reading time in kindergarten. Another question, do you remember the last book you read? Sigh, all I have been reading are at most just the newspapers, some articles on Reader's Digest, Economist. I guess I no longer have the patience and stamina to digest an entire book.

The reason why I haven't gotten any of these gadgets is the fear of being addicted to them. I'm afraid the lack of discipline would have a toil on my studies. But the temptation to get one of my own is certainly growing stronger each day.

Maybe I should just pick up a book to drive the temptation away.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Move those Lazy Bones!

After worrying about my sleeping habits just yesterday, I'm up and awake comparatively much much earlier today.

Going for a game of badminton which I haven't been playing for quite some time. Hope this helps me regain some activeness and chase away those lazy cells. Too much of holidays are really evil. lol. Everyone's first reaction was "WHY you book such an early game slot?!"

But then again, I hope the holidays won't end so soon. Sigh, contradictory

Have a nice day ahead!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

KL Trip Day 2

Crawled out of bed just as the sun rose. Have never woke up so early on a holiday.

Breakfast at the hotel's Kopitiam was better than expected (but still way off international buffet standards) Had bacon, ham, bee hoon, omelette and Koko Crunch which was the best. lol. The porridge was more like rice in rice gravy.

Set off to the Twin Tower. A taxi offered RM10 to bring us there and the driver drove so recklessly; probably to make his earnings worthwhile. And this was only the start of the 'rip-offs' for the day.

Reached the Twin Tower and started to search for the queue for the issuing of free tickets to ascend the tower. I really don't understand why free tickets are given out? Why not charge for the tickets? Anyway, when we finally found the queue, our first thought was to give the towers a miss. It was crazily long, snaking all the way to a corner. At that time it was just 9am.

Could only get a shot of the towers. The free tickets would take you up to the bridge.

Decided to head to KL Tower instead..

The view from above

So that marked the end of our sight-seeing for the day. Hailed a cab down to set off to Mid-valley MEGAMALL!

Us: Can use meter?
Driver, very willingly: Sure, sure

Should have suspected something @$*#&$#.

KL Tower was on a little hill, and once the cab reached the bottom, my friend exclaimed why the fare jumped from the initial RM2.00 to RM3.50 in such a short distance. hmmm. obviously the meter was altered but what could we do? Confronting the driver would just bring about flat denial, isn't it?

And at another point in time, the fare was already RM17 when my friend saw this:

Friend 1: "Hey, that building looks like a shark's fin"
Friend 2: "eh, looks very familiar......"
Me: "oh, like that structure in Australia is it?"
Friend 1: "No no, india lah"
Friend 2: "NO lah! all wrong"

Then they asked me how much was the fare. Someone should have taken a video of my reaction man. "WAH, 19.60 already?!?!"

Imagine how fast the meter jumped within just the short conversation we had.

We were the first cab to reach the mall but sooo what? Our final fare was RM19.90. The rest of our bunch arrived and guess how much was their fare? RM 8.20 =_________= we got ripped of more than double the actual!!

Alright, this post is getting rather long and I need to go off for dinner. Will continue next time!

How many colours can you name in 5 minutes?

lol. tried this and all I could squeeze out was a mere 23? There was a list of colours I totally forgot about or never seen before.


OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Sleep is never enough

I just woke up not too long ago. argh. I did set my alarm to go off at around 10am? But I didn't snooze it; I just turned it off the moment it rang.

I wonder why is it I feel so tired everyday even after more than 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes I even go for evening naps.

Sigh. Holidays make me so lazy and lethargic. During school term, this would occur instead..........

Seems familiar to you? lol

This invention probably suits me well..

Research associate Gauri Nanda's two-wheeled "Clocky" automatically rolls off the bedside table when the alarm goes off and the snooze button is pressed. It travels around the room and its carpet-covered surface bumps into objects that come into its path, until it finds a resting place. Minutes later, when the alarm sounds again, the sleeper must get up out of bed and search for Clocky. This ensures that the person is fully awake before turning it off.

Sigh. I hope my sleeping habits improve soon. Starting work next week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Man with No Face

Just finished watching Arts Central's My Shocking Story - The Man with no face

51 year old Jose from Portugal has a giant tumour growth on his face that weighs more than 3kg. People on the streets shun him and call him names like "Stained Skin". Some even go up to him, take a photo and walk away.

In the show, we see his sister painstakingly persuading him to undergoing surgery which he refuses because his religion denies him to have blood transfusions. Eventually, doctors from London ensure that surgery can be carried out without blood transfusion and he finally agrees to the operation, much to the delight of his sister.

Hope he will be able to lead a better life and do the things he always dreamt of soon. =)

KL Trip Day 1

Back from my trip since wednesday night, but obviously the lethargy accumulated throughout the 3 days has fuelled the lack of updates.

So early on Monday morning (16 June), we met at Bukit Panjang Plaza to board our coach. It was supposedly a Silver coach we booked but the one we boarded had 'Gold' printed on it. I wonder what's the difference. Anyway, the seats had lots of leg-space. No photos as everyone was busy sleeping away while I was addicted to Patamon on the PSP.

Arrived at our hotel - Radius International Hotel - at around 3 plus. We checked into 3 rooms on the same level. To our horror, we were greeted by a horrible stench in all of the rooms. Had to air the rooms by leaving the door and windows open.

Spot the Twin Tower and Berjaya Times Square

The hotel's website stated that safety deposit boxes were available. Anyone would have assumed that they are usually in the cupboards of the rooms, but no, an extra amount was needed to be paid to use it. In addition, there was no hairdryer (but luckily I brought mine along) and no bedroom slippers. Oh well, can't be helped, we kept reminding ourselves the amount we paid for the trip. (125 for the girls and 110 for the guys) lol, but still, 3 star hotels should provide these, isn't it?

Walked to Berjaya Times Square for our super late lunch. Had a hard time deciding what to eat. Settled for Nippon Tei in the end.
Some sushi set one of us ordered (RM30)

No photo of my meal cos I was starvinggg. It was some sort of spicy noodles soup with lala, tempura prawn, kimchi etc. Had salad and 2 handrolls as side dishes as well as a slice of watermelon.

We split up to do some shopping for ~3 hours. I did not buy a SINGLE item. Oh, I bought a pair of trackpants if you consider that as something. lol. For my upcoming job as an assistant of some track & field meet.

Late dinner Fried noodles, yong tau foo, chicken wings, stingray (yet to arrive)

The chicken wings were really yummyyyy

Returned to our hotel around 1130pm with aching feet and feeling exhausted. Nothing much accomplished on day 1.

Some of the more memorable things that happened on day 2:

  • Getting cheated by a taxi driver who altered the meter, causing us to pay more than double the usual fare (we split into two cabs and I was unfortunately on the taxi from hell)

  • Frantically looking for the other half of our bunch after they failed to arrive for 30 minutes at the meeting point

Will blog about day 2 soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Can't remember something? Try looking to your left!

Ever experienced a time when you were desperately trying to recall something but failed?

It's probably because you were not placing your eyes in a position that gives you clear access to the information you need. If you're trying to remember something you saw a few days ago, looking down to the right will not help you see that image.

However, if you look up to the left, you'll discover that you'll be able to remember the information rapidly! Once you know where to look for information stored in your brain, you'll be able to get to it quickly and easily.

Try asking the following questions to someone and observe his or her eye movements.

VR: Visually remembered: Seeing images of things seen before. (eyes will move to top left)

What colour are your mother's eyes?
Which of your friends has the shortest hair?

VC: Visually constructed: Seeing images of things never seen before, or seeing things differently than they were seen before. (eyes will move to top right)

What would an orange hippopotamus with purple purple spots look like?
How would you look if you had three eyes?

AR: Auditory remembered: Rememberin sounds heard before. (eyes will remain at eye level but move to the left)

What's the last thing I said?
What's the nineth word in the song 'Mary had a little lamb'?

AC: Auditory constructed: Hearing words never heard in quite that way before. (eyes will remain at eye level but move to the right)

Imagine a siren sound made by an electric guitar

AD: Auditory digital: Talking to oneself (eyes will move to bottom left)

Repeat this question to yourself on the inside: What's most important to me in my life now?

K: Kinesthetic: Feeling emotions. What does it feel like to be happy? (eyes will move to bottom right)

Imagine the feeling of ice melthing in your hand
Imagine settling down to a nice hot bath

Does it work? =)

Can't remember something? Try looking to your left

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My buys at PC Show 2008!

Headed to the PC Show at Suntec Convention Hall yesterday. Despite the common sensical advice to "do your homework" before going and "be early", we did none. Had lunch at Marina Square's Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao; ordered Fried pork ribs ramen. I dislike pork but this dish was rather delicious to me. Ok, back to topic. lol.

The number of brochure distributors were scary; especially at level 2 where they welcome you with an overwhelming flux of papers once you arrive from the escalator. Walked a few rounds each level looking for a suitable desktop for my friend. There was this Asus CPU which my friend was totally mesmerized by. Small, sleek and very space-saving. But the salesman was sort of rude.
Friend (holding brochure): May I know if there is any free upgrade of RAM?
Salesman: What you're asking is very funny leh, *points to bottom of brochure*, here already wrote there is free upgrade to 2GB.
Friend: oh, I did not see that.

=____= my friend was too taken aback to retort back. But she should have said something like "I do not find it very funny you know"

Anyway, I bought a 4GB TOSHIBA thumb drive ($24.90). There was a 8GB one but I figured I didn't need sure a huge one.

Comes with a lanyard! which I think is good cos I normally toss my thumb drives into my bag and have a hard time searching for it. So with the lanyard, it'll be easily spotted and pulled out.

And a 2GB MicroSD for my phone ($13.50)
Finally able to replace the pathetic 64MB one.

Yup, went home from the show happy with my purchases and with a whole stack of unneeded brochures. lol

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boredom kills...

You know you're really bored when...
  • you indulge few hours playing a long-expired Yahoo game, despite it shutting down and prompting you to purchase it every 5 minutes
  • you visit sites like
  • reading a book ends up playing chess with grandfather Zhou
  • you watch the minute hand move
  • you arrange all the notes in your wallet in order
  • you end up looking through lists such as '100 Things to do when you're bored'
  • you feel so immoblized you just want to stare into space and decay away

On a lighter note, will be heading to the PC Show tomorrow! Hope to get probably a thumbdrive and anything good and cheap.

Why do they like to lie EVERYWHERE?

It happens seemingly everywhere but it irks me just as much every single time I see this.

Sure, you may say "Just avoid them and walk around them lor"

Of course, they mean no harm but lying right smack in the middle is very unslightly and an eyesore. Furthermore, their dorms are like just 15 metres away and I can see several air-conditioning units installed. Why do they like to lie there when they have somewhere more comfortable I wonder?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why is Chinese so hard?

My love-hate affair with Chinese!

Since young, I was educated in a more English-speaking environment because of the kindergarten I went to. Moving on to primary school, Chinese was always my lowest-scoring subject. It slipped down to Band 2 in Primary 3 and my mum began nagging incessantly. It caused me to began hating the subject and I resorted to a mischievous act. *grins*

Being a lazy child, I had many assessment books untouched. One fine day, I found this Primary 2 Chinese assessment book and an idea stuck me! *DING* To me, it was a brilliant idea. Cos it meant that I could do easier homework. lol.

Yes, I took out a marker pen and started to do some art! Ok, for those who do not know Chinese, 2 is written as 二 whereas 3 is written as 三. Yup, I altered the word '二' to '三' on the assessment book and from then on, I did Primary 2 Chinese even though I was in Primary 3! My mother was so unsuspecting but eventually I felt guilty and confessed to it. She was so angry she threw the book away. =S

The most amazing thing was that in addition to Chinese, I had to take Higher Chinese when I proceeded to Primary 5 & 6. Don't ask me why; it's the ambitious expectation of every parent I guess. To help cope, my mother engaged the help of a tutor. I showed slight improvement but eventually got A for Chinese and Merit for Higher Chinese in the PSLE.

I think the turning point was in Secondary school. I got posted to a school with a Chinese-speaking environment with zero non-Chinese in my class and even with a form teacher who spoke little English to us. Mother stopped nagging and left studies at my own pace. My Chinese scored A1 throughout the 4 years. But, definitely, one thing I am guilty of and I'm sure many are too: 手册 were every student's best friends and the forming sentences section were all well-memorized and regugitated during exams.

Chinese stuck to me even as I went on to Junior College (because I did not study HC in sec school). I managed a decent A2 and since then I have never written a single piece of Chinese assignment ever again.

Ok, so after the long story, Chinese was hard to me in my earlier days, but not so later on. What actually worked for me:
  1. Sufficiently immerse your child in a Chinese-speaking environment

  2. Do not nag your child; it is irritating and gives unnecessary stress (At least it worked for me. lol.)

But then again, the language is not given much importance and emphasis with it no longer being included in the local University admission scheme etc.. I really wonder what what will become of it in the future.

Never forget your roots!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why is English so hard?

Spent yesterday's afternoon reading a book called 'English Checklist - Common Errors In English'. As I ploughed through the 500 over errors, I realized I have been making these simple errors for so many years! Here are some examples that you may have been making all along and never realized so. (Red will indicate incorrect and blue the corrected)

Example 1:

This data proves conclusively that the lake is badly polluted.

These data prove conclusively that the lake is badly polluted.
Just like bacteria, phenomena, media, the noun data is plural. All along I have written as according to the 1st sentence for my assignments and reports. lol. I guess the singular, datum, is so rarely used that's why!

Example 2:

(This example illustrates the use of redundant or too many words)

Personally, I feel that badminton is a fun sport.

I feel that badminton is a fun sport.

The book suggests to leave out personally, as 'it is safe to let your readers take it for granted that you are a person'. o.O ok, sounds logical, but that's how many and myself write.

Example 3:

I will either pick an apple or a banana

either and or refer to apple and banana. Therefore they must come immediately before those words.

I will pick either an apple or a banana.
He will go either to New York for the holiday or remain here

The choice is between going and remaining.
He will either go to New York for the holiday or remain here.

Example 4:

He lied that he was eighteen years old.
He lied about his age, stating that he was eighteen.
He lied when he said he was eighteen years old.

You lie about something , not that something. Yup, I have always used 'lied that'

Example 5:

He wants to be big and strong, like what his brother is.
He wants to be big and strong, like his brother is.

Like what should never be used together.

Example 6:

Lastly, doublespeak - the use of language to disguise one's true meaning.

I'm sure many have faced this when reading advertisements that try to delude. But I think the examples below are quite exaggerated? especially the second one. lol.

The government must deal with the issue of revenue enhancement.
The government will have to raise taxes.

Our guest rooms feature the most prestigious body cleaing systems.
We have good bathtubs.

We provide outplacement consulting to companies involved in downsizing their operations.
We advise companies on how best to fire people.

Yup, that's all for this post. Understood more about writing? =)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mcdonalds fries do not rot even after 10 weeks!

Experiment carried out on some Mcdonalds burgers and fries. The burger look somewhat normal BUT look at the outcome of the fries kept for 10 weeks. Ewww, imagine the amount of preservatives in there. Many have done the experiment and it seems like the outcome is always the same - well-preserved fries.

I love eating fries, maybe I need to think twice in future! But then again, the fries don't stay in the stomach for that long. hmm.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Would you pay SGD 8,500 for a watermelon?

Black 7.7kg Densuke watermelon

Apparently, one guy from Japan saw the watermelon to be worth 650,000 yen! That's about 8500 SGD! Like 3 times the salary of an average person? The uncommon black skin and crisp flesh is said to attribute to this hefty price.

Grown only in Northern most island of Hokkaido, these Densuke watermelon get their exorbitant price tags as they are seen as luxury gift items. Warm and humid weather bring about sweeter and juicer melons.

I wonder what 'different level of sweetness' there is as mentioned. Will not spend even 100 bucks on a watermelon, let alone 650,000 yen so I guess I will never be able to experience it! haha

Interesting Coin Discovery

Chanced upon this in my dad's room last night......................................................

An ancient Strepsils metal box

Pardon for the rust and all. haha. I wonder how old this box is? Probably even older than me? There's even a Singapore Polytechnic badge belonging to my dad inside. So my guess is that the box is like 35 years old!

So what's inside? TADAH!

A box full of coins I've never seen before! Austrian Schiling, Pfennig Deutschland coins and some which I cannot even decipher.

Some of the more interesting ones:

Malaysian 25 Ringgit

I never knew that there existed a coin for 25 RM! It's really heavy and makes a 'thud' sound when dropped.

When compared to a 10 cents SGD

Yup. You can imagine how big the coin is.

And then there's this Japanese coin..........

With a hole in the middle!

Hmm. I thought only ancient copper coins have holes in the middle?

I've got quite a few more I want to share, but it's really hard getting a clear close-up of those coins! (yes, I'm a lousy photographer, haha) I'll update again after I managed to take those pictures =)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Akira Sale!

Akira is having a sale from now till 8th June! Near to Jurong East MRT and IMM

Went there yesterday afternoon and the place was really crowded. Lots of stuff selling at really cheap prices. LCD television sets, DVD players, microwave ovens as low as 20 bucks (refurbished), Hi-Fi players going as low as 50 bucks and even pots and pans are sold there. lol.

............................................I got myself this for $15! (will probably make you go o.O)

Emergency Lamp Lantern

My friends went HUH?! when I wanted to buy it too. But it's really a sense of security to me! hahaha. My house has already blacked-out like a few times this year already. And it's cos of the roadworks which are like taking FOREVER to complete. There was this once I was busy studying for a quiz, and everything just died on me. I was so frantic but all I could do was just sit in the dark and wait for the electricity to come back. And I could only move about with the pathetic light from my handphone.

the lamp with a handle on top. good for camps too!

It's really bright, but doesn't seem so here

So now it's no fear to black-outs anymore!

Friday, June 6, 2008

NTU results released

As I write this, my heart is heavy with disappointment..........................................................................

I hate checking results; the suspense, the hope, the fall from expectations and so on. I dragged the browser all the way down, revealing line by line. Just the first 3 lines killed me, no matter how good the rest were.

And then the realization that I can never get into my dream class of honours anymore hit me hard. 1 teardrop, a second teardrop, a big sigh, anger, hatred, regret for not doing well enough during the semester.

I'll get over it soon. And definitely fight back as hard as I can for the remaining year.

Good bye dream.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prawn Fishing

Headed to Farmart today to try out some prawn fishing!
It's our first time and nobody had any clue on how to fish, so we only rented 1 rod. While 1 of us was holding the rod, the rest just contributed 'eye power'. lol
Preparing the bait

Removing the prawn from the rod
Spent an hour and guess what was the number of catches?
Not 10
Not 20


hahahaha.. very sad right? 2 prawns only after one whole hour. Lots of prawns were very cunning and just took the bait without getting hooked. Could have hit 3 catches if only the last sneaky one didn't slip right out of our hands and back to the pond. But one of the prawns is really big right? yea, 3 times bigger than the other! needed 2 ppl to pull that fellow out.

We gave our prawns away as we didn't have anything to bring them home. The place didn't provide BBQ pits too.

Headed to feed the fish later on......

See the black, scary catfish?

These fishes were SO hungry that they're like swimming on each other instead of in the water

Not too bad experience at Farmart. But 13 bucks an hour for the rod could have gotten us like one whole plate of prawns. Probably we'll try catching crabs or fish the next time. haha!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always taste as you bake else.......... A Baking Disaster!

Now, let's look at these 'muffins'. Acceptably yummy right?

But something is terribly wrong! No one realized it till after the muffins were hot out from the oven and after the poor guinea pigs sank their teeth into them! Hmm, ok, we should have suspected something was wrong when these muffins didn't 'rise' as expected. So, what went wrong?

A bunch of baking dummies who mistook SALT for SUGAR!!! LOL, yes, all 5 who didn't suspect a thing and were happily adding the salt spoon by spoon onto the weighing scale. But really, the salt did look like sugar! I guess the salt was the culprit that sucked up any moisture needed for it to rise?

What we all learnt that day, always taste what you add in!

The day I share a bowl with a lizard.....


I just turned on my laptop and this big fat lizard that scrambled out from underneath my laptop fan cooler, reminds me of this terrible incident.

I was happily watching TV one day and my mum brought 2 slices of watermelon to me. I placed the bowl on the table by the television and went away for a while to do some stuff.

I resumed watching TV as I ate the watermelon after I came back. And of course, eating watermelon is always a messy task so I held the bowl under my mouth as I ate. So, it was one slice down and I proceeded to eat the next slice.


This gross and huge lizard 'flew' out from underneath the second slice of watermelon!!! It jumped out from the bowl, landed on the floor and scrambled away. ARGH. I was momentarily stunned. Can you imagine that stupid lizard was just UNDER MY MOUTH as I was eating?? YUCK!

From then now, I never left watermelons unattended before eating.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Paperclip scammers exposed.... but is this THE END?

As I read Hardwarezone forums a few days back, I was feeling aghast over the recent paperclip scam.

Young teens claiming to be part of an entrepreneurship game, approach unsuspecting public and try to sell useless stuff such as paperclips folded into heartshapes. They ask for as much as $10 for a useless piece of metal!

What's scarier is that they are part of a company called Sunshine Empire and these bunch of youngsters call themselves Aggressors. Their leader is supposedly called Mr. Ron. Hardwarezone forums also showed screenshots of these Aggressors' blogs. They appeared to have been brainwashed, very scary!!

I'm glad that today's Mypaper did have an article on this scam and hence more people will be aware of such a scam. Go to and read page 4. But, it is said that Sunshine Empire has changed its name and are planning to sell other 'innovative' stuff.

Please be alert and not get scammed!

Monday, June 2, 2008

NUS belittles poly grads

Yet another case to fuel the fire. But this one seriously makes no sense to me. haha!

Read it here