Monday, September 29, 2008

New room colour!

Took this photo some time ago. Was making my way home when I saw this cat sitting on top of a car. Super cuteeee. It stared at me as I walked past.

The photos are pretty dark cos I didn't dare go too near in case the flash startled it.
Anyway, the main point of this post is to update on the painting works going on in my room!

Dull blue fading off after 8 years

Had a hard time moving the furniture to make space.

And cos of the painting, I was evicted from my room! hahah.. this is my temporary room. super messy with books and papers all over the floor. BUT, I get to sleep on a queen sized bed instead of my small single!

Guess what's my new room colour?

P.S. sorry for the lousy photo quality! don't have my camera with me now.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Horrors of General Paper!

Amidst the spring cleaning going on in my room, I chanced upon this short essay I wrote during Junior College days. I cringed when I read it. It was a piece we had to churn out during the 2 hour long lesson on Monday evening. (haha, I remember it so clearly cos GP lessons were always the terrors of the week!)

The standard of the essay is really low, seems like lower secondary level. Somemore it's like only 3/4 of the page, confirm get very low marks for content.

Here goes:

Title: People who don't have dreams don't have much

This statement caught my attention as I personally feel that having dreams does help a person succeed in life.

Some may be skeptical about dreams. They may regard having dreams as being unrealistic and impractical. However, on the contrary, I feel that dreams can help lead a person towards a bright future. One who does not aspire or desire is aimless in life. He does not have anything to look forward to and lives by the day.

Those who have dreams and ambitions are those who tend to be optimistic. I feel that having a dream about something you wish to have is indeed half the battle won already. Unless a person is enthusiastic and looks forward to achieving something, he will never be able to reach his expectations. Having dreams gives one a positive outlook of life.

However, we do know that action speaks louder than words. Merely having dreams is not enough. A person must put in effort into achieving what he dreams of. The other half of the battle is overcomed by the person's own determination and perseverance. (My tutor wrote a "good" to this, lol)

In conclusion, for the year 200X, my dream is to live the fullest of my life and also to do well in the upcoming A level examintations.

Hope your dreams come true!

haha, my tutor was so nice to leave a little note at the end of the essay, despite me giving such a low standard essay.

I was never good in General Paper, managing only C5s and C6s throughout the entire college life. I never liked to write argumentative essays where you had to have strong substantiation through real-life examples and experiences. Comprehension was worse, sometimes you can finish reading an entire passage without knowing the intentions the writer wanted to express.

But well, my final grade for GP was pretty satisfying. =) I guess my simplistic way of writing related well with the marker.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walking towards a goal

Haven't blogged for more than a week!

But there isn't anything interesting enough to be mentioned. I promise the next entry will be better!

Studying & more studying. Oh, I went back to school on Saturday and even Sunday. The school felt so deserted and forlorn.

And and, I must talk about this....

On 17 Sept, I finally found a goal in my life!! I was rather pumped up with adrenaline and lay awake even after midnight. But it's gonna be a long, treacherous journey.

I believe I can and will reach there eventually. =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A walk down Memory Lane

Ended school quite early today. Headed off to collect my chemical sample right after lunch. (It has finally flown here from US after a month's long wait!)

I was pretty excited last night when I saw the address emailed to me. The place was located just opposite where I used to stay during my childhood days.

Took a stroll from the MRT station, passed by my kindergarten as well as primary school.

The fence surrounding where I lived. Can you tell what place is this? =)

The shops I go to by crossing the road everyday after school to buy packets of Mamee etc. Nothing has changed!

It just felt nice and comfortable walking down the path I used to set footprints on every single day.

I was perspiring like mad when I reached the place. Had to circle two rounds before I found the company. It didn't even have a signboard!


Pretty disappointed with the lab samples I've made so far. Followed every single procedure to synthesize them but the end-product is totally different =( I wonder what's wrong, my postgraduate was even around with me all the time while I made them, so can't be errors in chemical addition or whatsoever.

Sigh. I guess that's just all part and parcel of research work. Devoting all my time to lab next week after the tests.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Studying was very productive today. I think I covered like over 200 slides. Gotta slog through another few hundreds tomorrow.

Oh by the way, my phone died on me. =( I lost all my contacts. argh!!

Not that I didn't want to save them in my SIM card. But apparently when I bought a new phone last year, the guy at Nokia offered to synchronize my contacts since I was changing my 2G SIM card to a 3G one. That's why all my contacts are stored in the phone. But also my own fault for assuming nothing will happen to the phone. =(

Why die on me?!? Kept trying to turn it on but all that appears is a blank screen with the battery bar after the Nokia start-up screen.


I feel that I'm missing out a lot on life. Will be missing the annual event next saturday =( I still remember we had tons of fun last year.



我坐在公路的出口 等待天黑以后无边的寂寞

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A bit of time to blog before I sleep

Been quite hectic the past few days. Shuffling between the lab and lectures, amidst all the program simulations, presentations and assignments to handle.

It feels good to be busy. But sometimes it's just too overwhelming to see your to-do list getting longer and longer.

I may have to go back on Saturdays and even Sundays to do my lab work =(

Sigh. I've to stop filling my blog with school-related posts cause it makes it so boring.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Losing steam

I wish I had 72 hours a day.

Assignments keep coming in non-stop!!

Feeling the drag to go school.

Will blog proper tomorrow, hopefully I'll have time to.