Sunday, November 2, 2008

The fear of growing tall

Haven't blogged a proper post for egos already.

So anyway, thought I'll blog on height today. Was day-dreaming on the MRT one day and started recalling the past.

Right from the start of my schooling days, I felt awkward and different from the rest. I always knew where I had to stand in the class queue - the last one! That was in primary school. Things changed a little in secondary school where there was the 1-in-a-million guy who was taller than me in class.

Thinking back, I actually shouldn't have been afraid of growing tall. But I guess it was the nurses who came to do the yearly checkups in school that instilled this apprehension of growing tall in me.

Remember this dark blue booklet which we had to bring to school every year?

Anyway, here's a breakdown of my height recorded yearly:

Primary 1: 130cm
Primary 2: 140cm
Primary 3: 146.5cm
Primary 4: 155.0cm
Primary 5: 159.5cm
Primary 6: 165.5cm
Sec 1: 169.5cm
Sec 2: 170cm
Sec 3: 170.5cm

I don' t know why there isn't a height recorded for Sec 4, but my height sort of stabilized by then and now I'm just a few cm taller than the last recorded one. I find my growth spurts rather amazing, up to 10cm a year.

So back to the visits by the nurses. Every year without fail, they would write under the column titled "Description of Disorders": "tall stature, refer to IOH" Is being tall a disorder?!

Lot of trips were made to the then IOH. But everything done there was the usual routine and a total waste of time: Check eyesight, measure height & weight etc. Sometimes I even had to do an X-ray which cost a hefty sum. (#&@#($

I forgot which year was it, but my mum and I agreed we had enough of this nonsense and decided to ignore the reference to IOH and just refused to go for any more checkups.

I am well and healthy now and I don't understand the fuss made over my height back then. All it brought was a waste of time and consultation fees making trips down to IOH, and unwanted fear and self-consciousness.

Does your height bring problems to you too?


Anonymous said...

u are a freak!

yiching` said...

Hi there,

I stumbled upon your blog from a friend's and I agree with your entry. I've had height issues when I was younger too, especially in primary school and lower secondary. I was 1.58m in Primary 4 and 1.7m in Primary 6 and it sort of stabilized at 1.72-3m when I graduated from Secondary school. (I'm in Uni now.) It was a pain in the ass when those health officials asked me to go to the IOH for check-ups too. I thought there was something wrong with me but it was such a waste of time and money in the end. So yeah, all the best to you, fellow tall being! Haha.

Canddiiesqurl said...

woahhs currently sec 2 and i'm only 16x :x

James Bob said...

haha. classical booklet. almost had it put at the back of the mind until saw that pic.

being too short = problem
being too tall = problem

parisanmilo said...

WHAT?! man i'm jealous! isn't it a good thing to be tall? well not too tall but tall enough is good (: as long as you're not like... 175 or smth (unless you wanna be a model) should be fine

lilbuttermilk said...

yuan --> don't be jealous of my height! XD

yiching` --> wow, u hit 1.7m in P6? haha, beat me liao.. seems like we're on the same boat, IOH regulars, lol

canddiiesqurl --> 160+ is a good range for girls =)

james bob -> agreed!

parisanmilo --> haha, don't have to be jealous. there're pros and cons of being tall. =)