Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cenosis Blogging Contest!

Before I share with you my unsuccessful attempts at slimming, allow me to walk you through my growing years. I've written a post on how my height evolved, so now here's one on my weight! (out comes the blue booklet again!)

I've placed my height next to my weight to show you clearly my love-hate relationship with FATS.

I was pretty much underweight for the first 11 years of my life. I guess my weight only hit the acceptable weight range in Pri. 6? Perhaps it was the constant nourishing for the PSLE that helped.

While I was dying to gain weight during that period, I definitely cannot say the same now. But the most hateful thing about fats is that they come so easily but take you loads of effort to get rid of them!!

I do not really know my exact height and weight now because I refuse to measure! Whenever I get up on the scales, I'll just jump of it when I see it shoot past the maximum I can accept! I'm so good at deluding myself, ain't I?

But one thing for sure is that, even without knowing my weight, I have concrete proof of excess fats on my body! Most females cringed in fear when they see it and yearn for the total opposite!

I have a FAT TUMMY!

I've been wanting to get rid of my unslightly tummy and the way to do it is definitely to workout on the tummy!

So, a simple search on Google yields the idea of doing CRUNCHES!

Credit: Wikipedia

It is basically an exercise where you lie face-up on the ground with your knees bent, and lift your shoulders up with your hands behind your ears. The lower back has to be in contact with the ground all the time. It's definitely a great way to eliminate tummy fats as you can really feel the tension in your muscles as you do it!

BUT! as you know, things don't always go as smoothly as desired or plan. And I blame the following for my failure:


who can ever resist the temptation of food?! We only live once, so wouldn't it be such a pity when you cannot try out delicious food?


(wah, ownself cannot slim down then want to find millions of things to blame? even a poor chair also cannot let off?!)

Before you start laughing off at this reason, think about how much time a day you spend sitting! Yes, you sit during lectures and lessons, on the MRT, when you take your meals, and the worst part, you sit down to watch your favourite TV programme just after a heavy dinner!

This is another part of life you can never avoid! The fats just aggregate on your tummy when you sit!


Credits: 1

This needs no further explanation. Soooo many of us are guilty of pushing back stuff we need to do cause we think there's still tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and so on!

How can I ever get rid of my tummy when I have all these interfering me??

No fear! Have you heard of the latest Cavitation Technology by Cenosis? Cenosis is constantly looking for new methods to help customers slim down. And now, Cenosis is the first to bring to you this latest slimming technology!

How does it work?

It works on the principle of breaking down the membrane walls of fat cells with the energy released from micro-bubbles upon bursting. These complex fatty acids are further broken down to simple fatty acids and are excreted!

I love how natural this technology sounds!! Because what goes in must come out!

Furthermore, if you take a look at the Cenosis website, it has been proven from real-life examples that you will be able to lower your cholesterol levels, reduce body weight and fat tissues with no side effects whatsoever! Works for both males and females! Not only that, NEA has awarded N2 license to Cenosis, further proving Cenosis' commitment to giving the best to its customers.

Given my love for food, my laziness and lack of perseverance for exercise, Cavitation Technology will definitely benefit me!

I think if I try it, definitely can transform into this!!

Credits: 1 2

Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit www.cenosis.biz/cavitation.php to make an appointment.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Me and my AspireOne Slim

Ever since June's PC Show, I've been enjoying the newest love of my life!

My AspireOne Slim in Seashell White! Only $614!

It comes in 3 other colours: Diamond Black, Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red. I think I have an addiction for white IT gadgets.This netbook totally matches my white HDD!

So anyway, this is how the interior of the netbook looks like. A 10.1" wide screen, black keys (how I wish it can be totally white!)

Noticed that I haven't removed the plastic wrapping all around the screen and exterior of the lid? Really can't bear to get any scratches on it. Any better idea than this?

The thing I love most is the lightness of it! Only 1.27kg with the battery included. The battery can last over 6 hours too!! I can totally watch movies in the comfort of my bed, without having to suffer under the bulkiness of big heavy laptops.

It came with this free wireless mouse and 1 year of anti-virus.

Totally worth it isn't it? =D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back to blogging?

Wow, I can't believe I've only written 1...2..3...posts so far for the year 2009! That's like an average of 1 per month..

Looking back at these past 6 months, it seems amazing how I've managed to overcome the overwhelming pile of work - FYP, projects, presentations, assignments, job hunting.

Now that official graduation is drawing near, the reality of not being able to go back to the comforts of lectures and tutorials leaves me with a tinge of reluctance. Humans sure are weird creatures, aren't they? I remember myself cursing and swearing at the countless deadlines and wanting to leaving school ASAP. But now.....

I guess it's the thought of being unemployed (damn the recession) that's diminishing the happiness of graduation too.

But one thing for sure is I'll be updating this space more often! I've so many things that I want to share.. like my 12 day trip to Taiwan, the many happy slacking sesssions with friends.. Hope I find the drive to get these done!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My First Blogging Paycheck!

Yup! Just as the title suggests, I've finally waited for the day where I finally saw this envelope!


Was kind of surprised when I saw this little slip of paper. Was expecting an A4 sized letter which I usually saw other bloggers post on their blogs. An effort to save the earth. Nuff of Blue, GO GREEN! haha, nice catchy line.

My cheque! =) Happy with the amount I've gotten after almost 7-8 months since joining Nuffnang. Never thought I'll be able to achieve it.

And to add on, something I didn't expect Nuffnang would send over with the cheque.

Macdonald's vouchers! to make up for the long wait for the cheque =)

Remembered I cashed out around CNY period and waited till my neck grew long by the end of Feb. Still no news only till around the 3rd week of March when one of the Nuffies emailed to apologize for the long wait and that the cheque would arrive within another week. Actually that was all I was expecting - an email apololgy.

So, thumbs up to Nuffnang for their sincerity!

Looking forward to my next cash-out. But seems it'll be really hard, given my really busy schedule nowadays (notice the serious drought of posts? =( )


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life's twists

it's pretty hard having to go along this journey alone... with no one to share your troubles and happiness with...

get well soon =(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life's priorities

This blog is not dead yet... just been really really busy...

Not getting that something that really matters to you is already sad enough.. But when you realize someone who could help you get it doesn't do so, it's even sadder..

This something doesn't come by that often.. Is it that hard to give up something for my happiness?

Wouldn't you like to see the smile on my face?