Friday, April 10, 2009

My First Blogging Paycheck!

Yup! Just as the title suggests, I've finally waited for the day where I finally saw this envelope!


Was kind of surprised when I saw this little slip of paper. Was expecting an A4 sized letter which I usually saw other bloggers post on their blogs. An effort to save the earth. Nuff of Blue, GO GREEN! haha, nice catchy line.

My cheque! =) Happy with the amount I've gotten after almost 7-8 months since joining Nuffnang. Never thought I'll be able to achieve it.

And to add on, something I didn't expect Nuffnang would send over with the cheque.

Macdonald's vouchers! to make up for the long wait for the cheque =)

Remembered I cashed out around CNY period and waited till my neck grew long by the end of Feb. Still no news only till around the 3rd week of March when one of the Nuffies emailed to apologize for the long wait and that the cheque would arrive within another week. Actually that was all I was expecting - an email apololgy.

So, thumbs up to Nuffnang for their sincerity!

Looking forward to my next cash-out. But seems it'll be really hard, given my really busy schedule nowadays (notice the serious drought of posts? =( )