Monday, June 29, 2009

Me and my AspireOne Slim

Ever since June's PC Show, I've been enjoying the newest love of my life!

My AspireOne Slim in Seashell White! Only $614!

It comes in 3 other colours: Diamond Black, Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red. I think I have an addiction for white IT gadgets.This netbook totally matches my white HDD!

So anyway, this is how the interior of the netbook looks like. A 10.1" wide screen, black keys (how I wish it can be totally white!)

Noticed that I haven't removed the plastic wrapping all around the screen and exterior of the lid? Really can't bear to get any scratches on it. Any better idea than this?

The thing I love most is the lightness of it! Only 1.27kg with the battery included. The battery can last over 6 hours too!! I can totally watch movies in the comfort of my bed, without having to suffer under the bulkiness of big heavy laptops.

It came with this free wireless mouse and 1 year of anti-virus.

Totally worth it isn't it? =D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back to blogging?

Wow, I can't believe I've only written 1...2..3...posts so far for the year 2009! That's like an average of 1 per month..

Looking back at these past 6 months, it seems amazing how I've managed to overcome the overwhelming pile of work - FYP, projects, presentations, assignments, job hunting.

Now that official graduation is drawing near, the reality of not being able to go back to the comforts of lectures and tutorials leaves me with a tinge of reluctance. Humans sure are weird creatures, aren't they? I remember myself cursing and swearing at the countless deadlines and wanting to leaving school ASAP. But now.....

I guess it's the thought of being unemployed (damn the recession) that's diminishing the happiness of graduation too.

But one thing for sure is I'll be updating this space more often! I've so many things that I want to share.. like my 12 day trip to Taiwan, the many happy slacking sesssions with friends.. Hope I find the drive to get these done!